Artificial Grass Experts

We offer a supply and installation service for artificial grass across the East Midlands.  With more than 15 years’ experience and expertise in the installation of artificial grass there’s not many that know more than we do about the subject.

Artificial grass technology has come a long way since the early days when it attracted such names as ‘fake grass’ & ‘plastic grass’.  Today’s artificial grass is manufactured from materials that are both UV stabilised and hypoallergenic respectively protecting the colour of the grass from fading due to the sun’s ultra violet rays & not having any plant material component, free from all pollens, thereby safe for those who suffer from plant & pollen allergies.

There maybe cheaper services around, but none come with our level of professionalism and our piece of mind 10 year guarantee on all artificial grass products.

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Installed in South Normanton, Derbyshire by Envi Lawns in 2021.
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How The Artificial Grass Installation Process Works

Step 1: Contact us to arrange a no obligation FREE estimate for the area you have in mind. During our visit we will show you actual samples of all of the different types of artificial grass that we can supply & install. This will help you choose both the colour & pile height for your artificial grass area.

Step 2: Finalise a fixed price quotation & once accepted, arrange a date for installation to commence. The installation can take anywhere from 2 – 5 days subject to the size of the installation area.

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Beautiful Design


Low Cost
To Install


Why Do People Choose Artificial Grass?

The #1 reason our clients tell us that they have chosen artificial grass for their lawn/play area/grassed area is that it does require mowing. Then there’s the no weeding, no chemicals & no mud or mess after rain.

The appearance of your lawn dictates the appearance of your garden which in turn has an impact the both the saleability & value of your home, not to mention the ‘keeping up with the neighbours’, identified as one of the top motivating factors for mowing the lawn.

The ‘just mowed’ look that our artificial grass installation will give 365 days of the year, it will drive your neighbours insane with envy as they wait for the ground to dry out before they can mow their lawns.

It’s not uncommon for our clients to state now having artificial grass installed that they would never go back to natural grass

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Maintainable Artificial Grass

If your artificial grass is installed correctly (& we can not stress this enough), your artificial grass will maintain its ‘just mowed’ look for at least the life of its 10 year warranty with an absolute minimum of maintenance. As well as no mowing there’s also no need to weed or feed the grass. This in itself removes many chemicals from your garden that can potentially be harmful to both children & pets.

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Child Friendly Play Area

Artificial grass is a perfect surface for children of all ages to play on, it’s also a safe area. All of the artificial grass that we supply complies to both BS EN1177 fire safety standards & Certified to BS 4790 suitable for ‘Impact attenuating playground surfacing’.

An artificial grassed area is also a sterile environment for infestations. Where natural grass provides a haven for all types of bugs & creepy crawlies, you will find no such infestations within an artificial grass area.

With artificial grass (that is installed correctly) there’s no mud after the rain. As soon as the rain clears artificial grass is children ready without the fear of muddy footprints leading to the house.

The durability of our artificial grass is enduring to the rough & tumble of children’s play. The just mowed look can easily be returned by a quick sweep with a broom, bringing that prestige just mowed look back to the area.

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Pet Friendly Area

Those of us with pets will all be familiar with the dreaded Amber Patch that pets create on our lawns doing what pets do on grass. With artificial grass the dreaded amber patch is a thing of the past as the artificial grass that we supply has been treated to be chemically immune to the acidic affects of animal urine.

Artificial grass is also safer for pets than natural grass areas. There’s no chemical weed killers or lawn feeds to be concerned about, no insect infestations that can cause irritation to animals.

As with children, pets also transfer mud from wet lawns into te house, once again our artificial grass, if installed correctly will be a mud free environment for your pets to play on.

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Hypoallergenic & Durable

A lawn or grassed play area should be a safe & relaxing place for family members & pets, yet all to often many are restricted from areas of grass due to hey fever or other pollen related allergies. This is not the case for areas of artificial grass. Having no organic component our artificial grass is hypoallergenic and provides a safe relaxing environment for all the family.

Our artificial grass is also manufactured to be compression resistant so does not develop permanent track ways or flat spots. A quick brush with a stiff broom returns the artificial grass to its original position.

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Range of Artificial Grasses

You are able to select from a range of artificial turf shades to achieve the perfect look for your garden and surroundings.

Common Artificial Grass Installation Questions

Yes all our quotes are no obligation and from experienced artificial grass installers – not sales people.

In a typical average sized garden of 40-60 metres, installation should take about 1-2 days.

Yes, certainly in terms of patch repairs. The damaged piece is simply cut out and replaced but we do recommend you don’t try and do this yourself. The big benefit of artificial grass is it is very difficult to damage.
Yes, we offer a 10 year guarantee on the products we use for the installation work.
Of course. Laying artificial grass to a sloped area can be done to avoid costly and time consuming excavation/levelling works. We will be able to advise on the best way this can be achieved.
Benefit from no more mowing or weeding. Artificial grass also eliminates the use of harmful pesticides and saves on water. It also is more aesthetically pleasing and always looks and feels good all year round.