how much does artificial grass installation cost?

Our Guide To Artificial Grass Installation Costs 2022

If you’re considering an artificial grass installation in your garden then you’re likely looking to find out how much it costs so you can budget accordingly and decide whether you would like to make the investment.

So with that in mind let’s look at how much artificial grass installations can cost and what factors influence the overall price.


Why choose artificial grass in the first place?

Artificial grass has grown in popularity in recent years as a result of its long durability and low maintenance requirements.

Most people are strapped for time these days and with artificial grass you can have a picture-perfect lawn that you can enjoy all year long, without having to mow or maintain it.

The quality of the actual artificial grass these days is so good that it’s durable enough to withstand use from pets, and another massive benefit is that it’s a safe, mess-free surface for children to play on too.


What factors influence the price of artificial grass?

So now let’s look at the factors that influence the cost you might pay if you had artificial grass installed in your own garden.

The quality of the artificial grass itself

First up is the product itself – the actual artificial grass.

Artificial grass comes in a variety of different specifications which all impact the price. You can choose the colour of the grass itself, the length of the grass, the quality of the texture.

All these variations have price implications, but generally you can expect to pay anywhere from £48 – £70 per square metre.

The size, shape and gradient of your garden

Other factors that influence the time it will take for an installation company to lay the artificial grass surface are obviously the overall size of your garden itself, but also other factors such as if your garden is on a slope and the overall shape of the garden itself too.

If your garden is flat and square, then the installation process is straight-forward. Whereas if your garden has curved edges and resides on an slope/gradient, then the installation process will take longer to carry out properly.

Access to your garden (is it a front garden or back garden?)

Installing artificial grass on front gardens is typically easier in terms of access. The installation van can park on your drive (or on the road) and materials can be easily transported to and from your garden to your van.

With back garden installations, access may be more tricky, with steps to negotiate, or small alleyways to get down.

If access is difficult this will mean it takes the installation company longer to transport equipment and materials to your garden, so this extra time could also be factored into your installation price.

Waste disposal

Every artificial grass installation project creates waste which needs to be disposed of. Unfortunately your existing real grass won’t magically disappear, so your installation company will need to dispose of it for you along with another other waste such as rocks/stones and soil.

This isn’t a huge cost, but it is still a cost you may not think about and it will be factored into any quotations you receive.

If it isn’t, then definitely ask the installation company for more information, as you certainly don’t want to be lumbered with disposing of the waste yourself!


Underlay, also known as a shock pad, is used to provide a cushioning effect beneath your artificial grass while also providing safety measures in the event that children fall down on the surface. It’s also ideal for allowing rainwater to drain away.

Depending on your needs, numerous types of underlay are available, with varied thicknesses determining the price. A 35-millimetre thick underlay, for example, costs around £39 per square metre, while an 18-millimetre thick absorber costs £29 per square metre.


In addition to the necessary underlay, you may need to add a few items to your artificial lawn shopping list.

These include anti-weed membranes that prevent anything from growing through your new lawn, as well as joining tape and glue that ensures the curves have a solid bond and stay firmly in place after laying.


How much does it cost to install artificial grass?

It can be very difficult to determine the exact cost of artificial grass on the internet.

This is because the cost of artificial grass varies depending on;

  • where you buy it from
  • the complexity of the installation in your own garden

So, depending on the artificial grass product and your individual project specifications, a professional artificial grass installation can cost anywhere from £48 to £70 per m2.

This means that as a ballpark, it could cost roughly £2,200 to have artificial grass installed in a garden measuring 40 square metres, if the price of the artificial grass you chose was £55 per square metre.

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